What is Cupping Massage?


Cupping is an ancient massage method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine where special cups are placed on the skin over acupuncture /acupressure points and meridians for a few minutes with suction.  The suction is created by use of mechanical devices which suck out the air of the plastic cups, or if special glass cups are used, by applying heat to the cup (fire cupping).  Usually, a number of suction cups are applied to the patient’s skin for several minutes and then are removed, or for sliding cups, oil can be applied to the skin and the cup is moved along the muscle.

Cupping massage provides relief from muscle aches and pains such as back and neck pain, stiff muscles and will help to restore your mobility and comfort.  Traditionally, cupping was used for cough, asthma, arthritis, TB and to help manage acute and chronic pain.  Patients report feeling more relaxed afterwards and yet, the benefits can go much deeper then muscles, it can improve your circulation, boost your immune system and stimulate better energy flow.

Cupping is much like receiving a deep massage with sensations such as tightness and pressure.  The side effects of cupping are fairly mild with slight discomfort and tenderness and for some, bruising which will fade after 3 – 5 days.



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