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Awesome! Professional!

Awesome! Professional! “Definitely recommend a visit with Jan! She does an awesome job. A definite benefit to acupuncture and cupping treatments.” May 15, 2018 HL

Great Cupping Experience to try

Great job! “Will recommend cupping with Janis. It was a great cupping Experience to try 😃👍‼” MP May 14/18


Exceptional “Great all around, left feeling refreshed. A thorough evaluation and left with the feeling of a thorough treatment. A definite to recommend.” WP May 5/18

Time with Janis

April 25, 2018


Time with Janis


“Janis makes you feel comfortable. She has the knowledge when asking her questions about what acupuncture does to help your body heal. She continues to learn other techniques at workshops. “ J.H.